Prioritise key areas: SAPST

Zimbabwe should prioritise key economic growth areas, focused on the policy thrust in the previous three successive budgets since 2009, the Southern African Parliamentary Support Trust has said.

SAPST, a local legal trust, said the country must set up key provisions to maintain its growth trajectory in the next budget.

“Pro-poor growth is achieved through pursuing a growth path that guarantees the integration of the poor in the economic growth policy framework of the country. Retailers are still stocking foreign goods, costing the country the much-needed foreign currency. This scenario implies that we are exporting jobs at the expense of growing local employment opportunities,” said a SAPST representative.

According to SAPST, the closure of 75 companies over the past two years in Bulawayo alone is an example. The research firm argues it is of major importance that the 2012 budget fully addresses these challenges.

Parliament’s on-going budget consultative meetings reveal that Zimbabweans are calling for funding of the education, health, power and social services.

In the current year, Zimbabwe is beleaguered by an approximately $9 billion international debt and a $700 million budget deficit.

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