Rugare Gumbo interview jammed by Mugabe regime

SW Radio Africa’s shortwave broadcast on Wednesday evening was jammed by the Mugabe regime. Ironically jamming began after our news bulletin and just as an interview on Question Time was about to begin with ZANU PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo.

Rugare Gumbo
Rugare Gumbo

In 2005 Mugabe's regime began jamming SW Radio Africa frequencies, just before the controversial Operation Murambatsvina. It was reported that the jamming equipment and expertise was provided by China and at the time we spoke to a soldier who says he was sent to China to be trained in jamming techniques.

The jamming has been intermittent since then and often targets our flagship Newsreel bulletin, using a loud and irritating noise to drown out the broadcast. In March 2007 then Deputy Information Minister Bright Matonga admitted they were jamming our broadcasts. He told parliament they were generating electronic interference to prevent reception.

SW Radio Africa is run by exiled Zimbabweans who, because of repressive media legislation, are not allowed to broadcast from home. In 2000 the station, then called Capital Radio, challenged the government's broadcasting monopoly and won its case in the Supreme Court.

But after just 6 days of broadcasting the station was shut down by Mugabe using his presidential powers, and with a bit of help from armed paramilitary. – SW Radio Africa

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