We will not despair

EDITOR - Zimbabwe’s socio-political and economic renaissance is not dependent on the unwavering efforts by the MDC-T. Zanu (PF) has demonstrated to the international community that they are the dominant gene that determines the fate of Zimbabwe’s future. MDC-T and other stakeholders have boldly suppressed the injustices pipe-lined by Mugabe and his cronies.

Solomon Madzore
Solomon Madzore

Despite the formation of the GPA and COPAC, the constant violation of human rights has continued. However, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition has been through thick and thin with the MDC-T in an endeavour to observe human rights. Having witnessed the trend of how politicians are being treated by the judiciary, it’s appalling indeed to see that Zanu (PF)-orchestrated violence has led to a stream of activists being dragged before the courts to appear and answer indefinite accusations.

Solomon Madzore’s incident, when contrasted with the late Juda Jongwe’s fate when he was arrested for murdering his wife, profoundly showcased what Zanu (PF) is capable of.

MDC-T will endeavour to avert humanitarian injustices burdened on the MDC-T National Youth Assembly President and some other affected activists who are still in custody on the same charge and other activists who are charged under the MDC-T banner.

If only the GPA would castigate Zanu (PF)’s constant masquerading in violence that has seen the Chipangano under Jimmy Kunaka and Jabulani Sibanda wrecking havoc around the country. – JUSTICE SIWELA, MDC-T South Africa Province

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