Whose interests are they serving?

It is despicable that Members of Parliament from the three parties that form the Government of National Unity should threaten to hold the national budget to ransom to press their demands for new cars and unpaid allowances.

The MPs are prepared to disrupt government programmes that benefit the poor people who elected them into office simply because of their unbridled avarice. This shows the levels to which the political class in Zimbabwe has sunk.

Are MPs aware that by refusing to pass the budget, they are denying civil servants their salaries? They are refusing to pay doctors and nurses who run our hospitals, teachers who educate our children. Hospitals will be unable to purchase essential drugs. Will these MPs take responsibility for the deaths that could result from their selfish actions? Will they be able to defend their actions to the relatives of the deceased – that their desire for new cars and allowances was more important than human life?

Is the love of money and luxuries the reason these MPs presented themselves for election to public office? We would like to know how many of our MPs have bothered to report back to the people who elected them – many of whom paid a huge price in human suffering to exercise their democratic right.

How many of the MPs have fulfilled their election promises? What can our MPs tell us that they have done to improve the lives of their constituents in their three and a half years in Parliament?

Zimbabweans should take note of the goings on in our Parliament. Only those MPs working to serve the interests of their constituents should be elected again in future.

We share Buhera West MP and Minister of Constitutional Affairs, Eric Matinenga’s frustration with the politicians. They seem to have lost their way. We urge all political parties to conduct an audit into what their representatives have achieved during their parliamentary term. All the greedy bloodsuckers should be thrown out. This is a time for leadership – not for self-enrichment. We have had enough of that.

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