Youth Forum restructures

Youth Forum, arguably one of Zimbabwe’s most consistent and outspoken youth organisations, has embarked on an ambitious restructuring programme set to incorporate members at grassroots level, Chairperson for Youth Forum has said.

Speaking at a workshop held for youths in Harare recently, Chairperson for Youth Forum, Madock Chivasa, said the move has been necessitated by the need to address the question of representation within the organisation.

“Youth Forum is a civic organization that champions youths’ concerns. There has, however, been the question of who we represent. The restructuring exercise will see the membership of the organisation grow with an increased affiliation from grassroots level,” said Chivasa. “The integration of youths from all the 10 provinces into the national structure is important as it addresses youths’ concerns, regardless of their geographic location.”

Youth Forum Programmes Officer, Terence Chimhayi, said youth participation was a priority within the organisation, hence the move to redress this imbalance.

“Youth participation in decision making issues is lacking because youths are misinformed and there is a gross monopoly from politicians,” said Chimhayi.

Sakhile Hobane, a young woman from Gwanda said the move to decentralise the Youth Forum was a welcome development as it ensured that youths could spearhead various organisational activities in their respective provinces.

“There is a need to move away from the assumption that every activity should be centred in Harare as if youths from other towns are not important. Incorporating youths from all the provinces means equal representation and ensures that the organisation is a genuine and legitimate voice for Zimbabwean youths,” said Hobane.

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