Youths invade Byo factory premises

A group of suspected Zanu (PF) youths invaded a disused factory building in Bulawayo’s Belmont industrial area last week.

The building, owned by Kenny Lameck who now lives in South Africa, was invaded by youths under the leadership of a Retired Major Sibanda. Workers at Locos Seed Manufacturing Company, which is located near the factory, said a group of youths broke the factory’s gates and doors to gain entry.

“This building has been vacated since 2007 when its owner left the country. When we came to work on Monday morning, we were shocked to see youths as young as

16 milling about in the factory building. They put up President Robert Mugabe’s posters on the walls. Most of the time they sing anti-MDC and pro Zanu (PF) songs,” said a worker who requested anonymity.

“The water and electricity was cut long back at the factory so the youths were fetching drinking water at our company. But the management has since barred them from doing that,” he said.

Zanu (PF) youths have been invading vacate white and Asian owned buildings in the city under the guise of indigenisation. Two weeks ago the riot police and messenger of court officials in Bulawayo evicted Zanu (PF) stalwart and businessman Joseph Tayali from R.Chitrin buildings along Jayson Moyo Avenue.

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