Zanu (PF) youth exposes atrocities

A Zanu (PF) youth this week revealed the details of MDC-T youth activist, Kainos Betera’s abduction and ‘elimination’ in June 2008 by Zanu (PF) thugs, including her mother.

Zanu (PF) youths
Zanu (PF) youths

Tafadzwa Chimedza, who is employed at the Zanu (PF) party offices, told locals how Betera had been killed.

“Mother, I would like to advise the Betera family about how we eliminated their son Kainos. As you would remember, we strangled and beat him up. His body was later deposited in a nearby shallow grave. The family should not have problems discovering the shallow grave as it is in the vicinity,” said Chimedza.

Her mother, a council police officer and die-hard Zanu (PF) supporter, was accused of participating in the party terror campaigns.

Residents and party insiders said that Chimedza was possessed with the abducted Kainos’s spirit when she made the confessions.

“From the way she narrated events leading to the disappearance of Kainos, it would seem like she had first hand and reliable information about the incident. This was not the first time she has threatened to expose the abduction. After delivering a baby at Paradise Park 2009, she made similar abduction confessions at her in-laws’ place. The confessions partly contributed towards the termination of her marriage, as the husband reportedly could not stay with a wife whose hands were dripping with human blood. Given her determination to make the disclosures, we hope one day Kainos will be

discovered,” said a resident.

Kainos was abducted in June 2008 from his family home in Nyameni by identified kidnappers. MDC-T councillor ward 12 and party district main chairperson, Portifa

Bakayimana, was also abducted. No arrests were made, despite the perpetrators being


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