ZESA fails residents

Power utility ZESA, has backtracked on its pledge to install prepaid electricity meters in residential areas, frustrating residents who claim the current meter reading equipment is faulty.

“Our metre reading goes like a windmill turbine in a tornado. We only use two stoves and two fridges plus a radio and television sets between the two families at our place. The balance due was $143.22 which was supposed to be paid by two families for a domestic charge. To me that is a ridiculous charge,” said Henry Moyana who lives in Budiriro 2.

Allegations are that ZESA has since abandoned sending its teams to take the meter readings and only base their charges on estimations.

ZESA Communications Manager, Fullard Gwasira, defended the power utility, insisting that the bills were far cheaper compared to tariffs charged for electricity in other countries like South Africa and Botswana.

With regard to the prepaid meters, he said they were facing financial problems. He said the Ministry of finance had not forwarded the money for the project.

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