Zim-Conservative party launched

History was made just outside the northern town of Huddersfield on Friday night as the UK Conservative party launched an off-shoot to comprise purely of Zimbabweans at a dinner dance.

The Zimbabwean Conservatives' banner.
The Zimbabwean Conservatives’ banner.

This is the first time Zimbabweans, who have in the past been associated with former Prime minister Tony Blair’s labour party, will play an active role within the Conservative party structures.

The development is also likely to usher in a fresh dimension to the Zimbabwean situation, since the Conservative party are central to the Zimbabwean political scenario. It was only through their intervention that Zimbabwe became a nation after former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher facilitated a transition from colonial Rhodesia to the new nation Zimbabwe in December 1979 culminating to independence in April 1980.

The Conservative party is, however, open to all foreign nationalities regardless of their ethnicity.

The Zimbabwean Tories will be led by former MDC Ambassador, Emily Madamombe, who is widely respected among many Zimbabweans and was once Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s highly trusted emissary to Europe.

The responsibility of the Zim-Conservatives is to act as a bridge between the Zimbabwean community and the UK government, and also help aid Zimbabwe’s government in various ways. Chief of the Zim-Conservative’s aims is the intention to act as a reliable informant to UK and European government policy makers.

The wing is to comprise of Zimbabweans from all walks of life. Zimbabweans wishing to join can call free phone 08081789489.

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