A chief’s mistake

EDITOR - Chief Chitsande Negomo of Chiweshe made a mistake when he summoned Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to appear before a traditional court this weekend after he performed “marriage” rites in November, a month when such practices are culturally forbidden in Zimbabwe. Morgan Tsvangirai hails from Buhera, not Chiweshe.


Traditional Chiefs do not have jurisdiction over the entire country, they only have authority over people who reside in the area under their control. After all, there have been questions asked whether Christon Bank falls under Chief Negomo's territory.

Chief Nogomo's involvement in this matter helps prove Tsvangirai right that there is a political hand behind the whole Tsvangirai-Locadia relationship. Unfortunately, Prime Minister Tsvangirai and anyone in the MDC-T who may have been involved in the relationship were too blind to see from the very beginning, but it’s better late than never. Love blinds, don't they say, so Tsvangirai cannot be blamed for having fallen in love.

Chief Negomo should re-visit the Shona tradition, and when he realises that he has no jurisdiction over Tsvangirai, he should invite the media to a press conference to tell the nation that he made a mistake. If the Tembo family reside in his territory, then they are the ones he can summon, and it is up to them take up the issue with Tsvangirai if they feel he pushed them into accepting lobola.

At the rate at which Zanu (PF) and its machinery are trying to corner Tsvangirai over the Locadia issue, they are making him more innocent. They have indeed thrown him a life line. – BENJAMIN CHITATE, New Zealand

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