Conditions worsen for migrants

Daily living conditions for migrants in South Africa are worsening, according to a recent study released by the Africa Centre for Migration and Society.

“The living conditions of migrants in Johannesburg are challenging as a result of lack of a secure livelihood, documentation, accommodation and the inability to meet their basic needs. These daily stressors negatively affect their mental health and well being,” said ACSM in its report entitled “Towards Improving Forced Migrants Access to health and Psychological Right in Urban South Africa”.

The organization said it was concerned by the discrimination that migrants experienced at health institutions.

“Accessing health care and psychological support is difficult. While many reported being able to access public healthcare, it is clear that refugees and asylum seekers experience discrimination within these public spaces,” ACSM said.

The organization said the government should be involved in promoting the mental well-being of foreign nationals.

“This involves assisting forced migrants to access their psychological rights. Counselling alone will not successfully address the mental health challenges of urban refugees and asylum seekers. An integrated response that addresses the legislated psychological rights of forced migrants is required.”

Zimbabwe contributes the highest number of refugees and asylum seekers in neighbouring South Africa.

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