Councillors’ attractive exit package

Urban councils around the country have proposed attractive and lucrative exit packages for their senior officials who are expected to leave employment en-mass in the near future.

The proposals were first made at a stakeholders meeting held here last month.

According to a confidential Local Government Circular, some of the exiting top officials will be awarded free vehicles, cash packages in excess of $500 000, low density houses, commercial stands, and continued allowance benefits.

“Those retiring after serving the urban council for 10 years and above would be entitled to half weekly fuel allowance for a year, vehicle, funeral benefits, 100 per cent Medical Aid, would be exempted from paying 20 percent of property rates for a year, would be allocated residential, industrial or commercial stands at 20 percent of total cost, would continue to receive a housing allowance and occupy a low density three bed-roomed council house for a year with an option to purchase the property at 10 percent of current market price and earn monthly salary for every year served,” the circular reads.

The lucrative exit package would benefit even those leaving employment on discharge or early retirement after serving the urban council for five years. The benefits would be adjusted accordingly, but remain highly attractive.

Sources with Urban Councils’ Unions said the proposals were propelled by the desperate need by the mainly partisan senior officials to have a safe economic landing pad at the end of Zanu (PF)’s say in government.

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