CZI predicts economy growth

Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries President, Joseph Kanyekanye, has predicted economic growth in 2012.

Speaking to captains of industry and the local business community at a recent function, Kanyekanye said the spirit of inclusivity in the government was generating returns.

“Since 2009, when the Global Political Agreement was signed by major parties, many companies have picked up production. It is this fact which makes me confident that as industry, we can do more to grow the economy in the coming year,” he said.

His words of hope follow projections by Finance Minister Tendai Biti that the economy will grow by 9.4% in 2012. Kanyekanye reiterated that co-operation between citizens across the political divide was of major importance.

“We need to all exploit the potential for the growth of the economy. This country can reach dizzy heights if we all embrace the spirit of teamwork,” he said.

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