Fire services to expand in Maputo suburbs

Mozambique's National Fire Brigade (SENSAP) will open a new fire station next month, in Zimpeto, on the outskirts of Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, to provide rescue services to its residents.

According to SENSAP spokesperson, David Cumbane, the new fire station will provide fire protection to Maputo's northern suburbs and to the neighbouring district of Marracuene.

“We are in negotiation with the local structures and the work is well advanced. If everything happens according to our plans then the Zimpeto fire station will be operational as from December” said Cumbane, interviewed by AIM.

In addition to its national command centre in Maputo, SENSAP has fire departments in Sommerschield and in the outlying FPLM neighbourhood.

This expansion following a completion of nationwide coverage of fire services last year. At least one fire station was installed in each of the 11 provincial capitals.

“We are determined to minimize the distance between the fire brigade and the citizens. We are still not satisfied with the number of fire stations in the country and so we are trying to improve matters” said Cumbane.

However, despite these efforts SENSAP's performance remains below expectations, since the fire crews often fail to reach emergency sites on time.

When questioned about this challenge, Cumbane said that his office is investing in training its staff in rescue operations and in using firefighting equipment, to improve performance and reduce waiting times.

In the coming months, SENSAP plans to open more fire stations in other Maputo neighborhoods, including the port area, and Costa de Sol on the coast.

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