It’s not amnesia, it’s contempt

That President Robert Mugabe could take to the platform to lecture us about democracy, and tell us that there are people in government today who have no business being there because they were rejected by the electorate, does not in any way indicate selective amnesia on his part. It simply shows the absolute contempt with which the Zanu (PF) leader regards us all.

Addressing his party’s conference last Thursday, Mugabe lamented that the unity government was an illegitimate entity and a cheat on democracy. The time has come to put things right by holding elections as soon as possible next year, he said.

“They were rejected by the people. We asked Parliament to regard them as if they won the elections. Now we have them in government. We have honourable that and honourable this when votes had made them dishonourable this and dishonourable that,” our new ‘apostle’ for democracy said. He surely must take us for fools! Does Mugabe really think we have forgotten who lost the vote in March 2008 and would not release the results until he had figured out a way to subvert the people’s verdict through that sham of an election that cursed June?

How about the more than 200 MDC supporters who were murdered and the tens of thousands of others who were displaced from their homes as Mugabe’s goons in the military and the youth militia went for broke in their bid to intimidate voters into backing their man? Does Mugabe think we could have already forgotten about that?

Does he imagine for one second that we’ve forgotten the Gukurahundi murders committed in the Midlands and Matabeleland provinces, all in a bid to ensure that Zanu (PF) would remain in power until amen?

No, No, Mr President, you and your party have spilt so much innocent blood and inflicted so many wounds in your reckless and heartless pursuit of power that no amount of crocodile tears can wash away the stains or erase the painful memories.

Again, you can organise as many sham elections as you may wish, but that would never make you and your party democrats, nor would it cover up for the fact that you long ago lost the people’s mandate and remain in power only through murder and violence.

You could prove us wrong ‘Comrade’ President by allowing all the political and democratic reforms, including restructuring the security sector, to go through. Then you could call for elections and let the people demonstrate the support that you and your party claim to have enjoyed for all these years.

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