Mhandu implicated in murder

EDITOR - Cairo Mhandu, the aide to Chief Negomo of Mazowe, is a murderer.

In 2008, after Zanu (PF) had been defeated in the March elections, Mhandu and Zanu (PF) youths ganged up to assault and murder suspected MDC activists in Chiweshe, Mashonaland Central. Eight of them were killed in the process.

Mhandu, a known Zanu (PF) supporter and MP for Mazowe North, accompanied Chief Negomo to issue summons to President Morgan Tsvangirai on Wednesday.

This shows that the whole operation of issuing the summons was not a traditional process but a sting Zanu (PF) plot to undermine President Tsvangirai and the MDC.

On May 5, 2008, Mhandu, in the company of Zanu (PF) youths and armed uniformed soldiers, assaulted and murdered Alex Chiriseri, Joseph Madzuramhende, Godfrey Jemedze, Author Matombo, Patson Madzuramhende and David Tachiwa Mapuranga of Chaona Village.

The gang also murdered Hama Ngowani and Gibbs Tawengwa on June 30, 2008. Ngowani and Tawengwa were from Chiweshe communal lands. – ANON., by e-mail

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