MKD's New Year's resolutions

It is that time of the year again when we must reflect on the experiences of a passing year, this time 2011, whilst at the same time setting goals and making resolutions for the coming year.

For the large majority of Zimbabweans, 2011 was as difficult as 2010. We are into year three (3) since consummation of the so-called Inclusive Government (IG), but Zimbabweans have yet to realise the positive changes promised by this marriage of convenience. The tenure of the Inclusive Government is characterised by continuing decline in productive and service sectors of the economy, high unemployment and worsening poverty, unreliable water and energy supplies, deepening food insecurity, and worsening health and education delivery. The country is going through the worst phase of de-industrialisation, rail and air services are practically defunct, roads are full of potholes, in spite of increasing revenues being collected at toll gates. Lawlessness and crime are on the increase, citizens still live in fear, and the country remains a pariah. Put differently, all the issues identified as priorities for the country’s transition, remain unattended to by the Inclusive Government.

Endemic poverty levels are driving some citizens, especially the young, into vagrancy and social ills, such as prostitution and criminality. These pursuits, in turn, expose them to high risk of contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and the deadly HIV/AIDS. Corruption now pervades all spheres of our life.

The three pillars of the Global Political Agreement (GPA), which also anchor the transitional mandate of the Inclusive Government, are:

national reconciliation and healing; stabilisation and recovery of the economy and social services; and, political and constitutional reforms.

Because of lack of common purpose, consensus and cohesion among the three (3) parties to the GPA and the Inclusive Government (IG), none of these priorities is being advanced in any meaningful or purposeful manner. Harassment and muzzling of alternative voices to the GPA Parties, especially media and civil society organisations, were prominent in 2011.

Politicians in the Inclusive Government have no will to make even the feeblest of efforts to save the people from abject poverty. All they are committed to is accrual of personal wealth and entrenchment of their positions. The parties to the Global Political Agreement (GPA) continue to bicker over so-called outstanding issues, while the majority of citizens suffer. The net effect of this bickering is that the Inclusive Government itself has become an outstanding issue in this country.

In the coming year, I implore us all to resolve to fight harder for a better society, – a society of equity, justice and fairness for all citizens. I urge us to apply all our efforts, and exert all the influence we have to one purpose, – creating conditions for free and fair elections. This is the only gateway out of the dysfunctional Inclusive Government. I particularly implore the young people of Zimbabwe, to refuse to be bought by “30 pieces of silver”, to intimidate, harass and brutalise your kinsmen and women.

It is imperative that political parties outside the GPA, civil society organisations, business and professional organisations, unite and apply themselves to create conditions for free and fair elections. Let us enable Zimbabweans to exercise their self-determination, free of intimidation and harassment. Let every citizen play his/her part in this effort. We are not hopeless and we are not helpless.

Experiences of the peoples of North Africa and the Middle East, Cote d’Ivoire and Zambia, in 2011, demonstrated that, organised peacefully and non-violently, the people have it in themselves to change their condition; in the face of apparent invincibility. We need to overcome the fear that still grips us.

North African and Middle Eastern experiences convincingly showed that members of state institutions, portrayed as unflinchingly loyal to dictators, also yearn for freedom, and contribute to change, just like all other citizens, and side-by-side with those other citizens .

On behalf of members and supporters of our party, I extend my personal gratitude, and that of our National Management Committee (NMC) to the various Provincial Management Committees (PMCs), for the sterling efforts they applied to the building of our party, during 2011. We made appreciable progress in establishing our party among the people in different parts of the country and outside.

However, we also know that we are not yet visible and audible. We know that the people are seeking a credible alternative to the GPA parties. We hear their questioning, …”Ko Simba wacho aripi, – varipi veM.K.D”? Therefore, let us make 2012 the year to complete the establishment of our party.

Mrs Makoni and I take this opportunity to wish all Christians among us a happy Christmas, and a better and more successful 2012, to all Zimbabweans, including those in the Diaspora.

Let’s Get Zimbabwe working Again


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