PM has learnt the hard way

EDITOR - There is no problem at all marrying a person with an opposing political view in a democracy, but Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai must have reflected on the hardships he has gone through at the hands of Zanu (PF) the moment he realised that Locadia Tembo was related to Zanu (PF) officials.

He was also very fortunate to have been advised by some of his colleagues against his affair with Tembo, but, as reported by a local newspaper, he "refused to listen to advice". Thank God that, according to a local newspaper, he finally took advice after a briefing by sympathisers from Zanu (PF) about Locadia's past and about her close links to the system.

Taking a risk the size of the one he took by trusting someone with Zanu (PF) connections is dangerous at this stage of the struggle for democracy.

It is very unfortunate that there are reports that some senior MDC-T officials reportedly facilitated the affair between the Prime Minister and Tembo, to the extent that Theresa Makone reportedly accompanied the team that went to pay whatever was paid to the Karimatsenga family, a claim she has refuted. Perhaps the video footage which the Karimatsenga family claim to have could help explain things, even claims that there was a request for a wedding. Whether those claims were jokingly made, it is clear that Prime Minister Tsvangirai is now no longer interested in marrying Tembo, and the story should end there.

It wasn't a crime at all for a single Tsvangirai to look for love, but now that he has realised that the person he had thought he could spend the rest of his life with is not the type that he likes, those involved should understand and leave him alone.

There is nothing Prime Minister Tsvangirai should be ashamed of. He is single and looking for love, but found the wrong love, unlike a married Mugabe who had children with his secretary while his wife was living. Tsvangirai might have avoided women from his own party thinking that people may accuse him of abusing his authority, but after what has happened, I hope the Prime Minister will now realise that he needs the support of someone he trusts. – BENJAMIN CHITATE, New Zealand

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