PM under siege

EDITOR - There is an ugly hand behind the supposed marriage of the MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai to Locadia Tembo. The bloody hand is beginning to fail to completely conceal itself.

The fast moving drama that has been unfolding this week points towards one conclusion – Tsvangirai is under siege. Only a fool will fail to acknowledge that the MDC boss was trapped and Locadia is a well-oiled snare. The heavy duty sting operation is well coordinated, sustained, calculated and designed to contaminate the persona of Morgan Tsvangirai. Some of us were suspicious when Tembo’s family members went to the hilltops to proclaim that they had a son-in-law in the form of the Prime Minister.

This was despite Tsvangirai's insistence that he was not marrying the Zanu (PF) Pharisee. Damage payments were announced as lobola by the state media. All the sources of the stories are Zanu (PF) protagonists and Tembo family members.

As we were still trying to come to terms with what was happening, Tembo did the unthinkable – she staged a spectacular ambush of Tsvangirai's rural home where she paraded herself as the new muroora.

The old woman, Tsvangirai's mother, was taken off-balance. As per our Shona culture, the unsuspecting Mbuya Tsvangirai invited 'invaders' into her home. This is in line the culture of chivanhu which accommodates even unwanted visitors. Also Mbuya Tsvangirai could not have known what was happening as her son was in South Africa.

When the 'rich' muroora from the Shake-shake building pitched up uninvited, unannounced and unexpected, she did so with an entourage of Zimpapers reporters and photographers in tow. Why?

The Herald's columnist Nathaniel Manheru, aka Gorge Charamba, had details of the flight before 'The first lady in waiting' parachuted herself to Buhera. The following morning The Herald carried a scoop with pictures of muroora sweeping the yard of Tsvangirai's Buhera home. Another picture depicted her proudly walking side by side with 'vamwene.'

What is surfacing now is that the woman has threatened to kill herself if Tsvangirai maintains his distance from her. This kind of conduct is expected from a dejected 17-year-old school girl, not from a rich and divorced 39-year-old mother of a 16-year-old boy.

There is no doubt that she has more tomfoolery up her sleeve. The sole objective of this unfolding drama is to inflict fatal blows on the credibility of the future President of Zimbabwe. It is clear that we shall be witnessing more earth-shattering shenanigans as Zanu (PF) spooks go full steam ahead to muddy his character.

The political playing field here is murky. Tembo is not saying anything to anyone. Tsvangirai is giving half-baked answers through his Spokesman Luke Tamborinyoka. Theresa Makone said she introduced Locadia to Tsvangirai, but denied any responsibility of what followed thereafter. In an interview with SW Radio Africa's Lance Guma, Theresa gave what sounded like prepared answers.

But what remains is that Morgiza, as he is affectionately known in MDC circles, is not stoppable anymore. These tricks are too late. He is the only hope for the people of Zimbabwe. – TAMBANAYO CHAMANAYWI, by e-mail

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