Political tension update

An Update on the political environment in Zimbabwe

The General Environment General Political Atmosphere

Mashonaland East-Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe Moderate

Violence in the area has been on the decline in the past few weeks with no reports of physical abuse being recorded. There has only been one reported case of intimidation at Mr Manjera’s homestead were suspected ZANU Pf youths are taking turns to harass his domestic workers with threats demanding that they stop working for an MDC member. The case has since been reported to the police who are still to take action.

Midlands- Gokwe Gumunyu Moderate

War veterans in the area are verbally abusing MDC supporters threatening them with unspecified action if they attend MDC party meetings which are lined up for this week in Tsungai Nembudziya. The meetings are said to be taking place but with low attendance as a result of the threats.

Manicaland –Buhera South Calm

The situation is stable with no reported cases of political violence. Political activities are taking place in the area without any disturbances.

Masvingo- Gutu East Tense

There are reported cases of harassment and intimidation of anyone suspected to be a member of the MDC or any other political party which is not ZANU Pf. The intimidation seems to be heightened by the call by political leaders of a possibility of holding national elections in 2012. It is reported that at any community meeting suspected ZANU Pf supporters are composing songs that carry threatening messages to anyone who will dare vote against their will. ZANU PF members are also threatening to kill all MDC members or bury them alive as well as to burn their houses.

Masvingo- Gutu North Calm

The area is calm no reports of political violence have been recorded.

Matebeleland-Tsholotsho Tense

The whole of last week MDC activists have been living in fear of violence as Zanu Pf youths barred all political activities in the area until the ZANU Pf conference ends. Members of the MDC failed to proceed with their planned weekly district meetings.

Manicaland-Buhera West Moderate

MDC activities in WARD 5 and 6 were cancelled as everyone was forced to attend the presidential scheme for agricultural inputs were only ZANU PF members benefitted. The war veterans in the area were given a directive by the District Administrator, Mr Madondo to make sure that all beneficiaries of this programme were purely Zanu Pf supporters.

Matebeleland North-Hwange Central Tense

A Zanu Pf councillor for Ward 5 in Hwange Central, Mr Kenest Dube refused to give agricultural inputs to MDC activists during a presidential farming input distribution programme accusing them of being “sell outs”.

Midlands South-Mvuma Calm

There has been no cases of political violence reported notably in Ward 13, 17 and 18 as people are beginning to respect each other’s political affiliation. Levels of political tolerance in the area have increased. Food donations and other agricultural inputs are being distributed to needy members of both Zanu Pf and MDC parties. High levels of political tolerance are being noted in most areas in midlands south.

Mashonaland East-Mudzi North Tense

It is alleged that the local Member of Parliament, Mr Newton Kachepa has been intimidating people together with local war veterans in the area. As an intimidation strategy, people are being reminded time and again of the 2008 political violence that left hundreds of people dead in the country.

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