Predictions for 2012

As the old year runs out and a new one is about to begin, we wish to predict that a number of new developments will take place in this country during the year 2012.

John Makumbe
John Makumbe

Some of these events will have long lasting impacts upon the political development of this wonderful nation. It is not likely that someone will discover that purified diesel is oozing out of the rocks somewhere in Muzarabani. Indeed, however hard we search, we are not likely to discover diamonds in Mudzi. But it is almost certain that we will be visiting the notorious Heroes’ Acre several times in 2012. I predict that we may have to visit the sacrilegious place more times in 2012 than we did in 2011. The reason for this is simply that the health of some of our people who qualify to be interned at the national Njelele shrine is now telling long tales. The signs are all there for all to see.

We are also likely to witness the humiliation of several of our long-standing but aged

legislators at the primary elections of the former liberation political party. The recently concluded non-event called the 12th National Consultative Conference held in Bulawayo made several meaningless resolutions, one of which was that there shall not be any imposition of electoral candidates in the forthcoming elections. This essentially spelt doom for those of the legislators who have come to believe that they are invincible, and that only they have the right to represent the struggling and decaying former ruling party in Parliament and in urban and rural councils. There are many younger and more energetic aspirants to these positions and they are ready to pounce on the detested dead wood in that fractious party.

The destruction of the Nehanda-Kaguvi Tree in Harare through violent means is

symbolic of the violent demise that is likely to befall someone significant in the

Zimbabwe body politic. Who that targeted individual is going to be is anyone’s guess.

But there are those who have been singing and dancing so-called revolutionary

songs and calling on the names of the two colonial resistance leaders, and their day

of reckoning may be coming in 2012.

Then there are those of our leaders who are given to much stealing and reckless corruption. The laws of the land are likely to catch up with them in the leap year. They will not be able to escape the net that is swiftly engulfing them. They may see the end of this year as free and filthy rich people, but the end of the year 2012 is likely to be a time they will only experience from the infamous “colleges” as guests of the state.

The inclusive government has been running on “E” for almost three years now, and

in 2012 it is probably going to stop flashing altogether and grind to a halt. Following

its lacklustre Bulawayo circus, Zanu (PF) is likely to throw the biggest spanner into

the works and force the nation to go for dubious elections before the benchmarks

on the roadmap to democratic elections have been realised. This is likely to infuriate

the SADC, but the regional body will not be able to prevail against the Mugabe side of the inclusive government.

The MDC-T is, however, likely to resist such intrigue and may refuse to participate in the sham elections. The result is therefore likely to be yet another GPA2 and GNU2 but the terms and conditions will be much tougher for the reeling and outgoing ruling party. It would appear from the foregoing predictions that the forthcoming leap year is going to be more exciting that the expiring one. Quickly get onto the right side of these predictions shamwari.

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