Zanu a 'sad joke'

Emmerson Mnangagwa the self confessed number 12 rank in Zanu PF read the resolutions at the recently ended conference/congress where he called for the “establishment of response mechanisms against the media bombardment” by the online community on Facebook, Twitter and the internet in general.

At its Mutare conference last year the same party made the following resolution regarding the use of ICT in the country:

“Acknowledging the current role of ICTs in the modern world and enhancing education, trade and commerce”

Common convention has it that a year is a very long time in politics. Around the same time last year Zanu was accepting the important role ICT plays in development of the country, today the same party is threatening to “ban” the internet.

Our experience has taught us that when Zanu talks about a response mechanism the only thing on its mind is violence. Perhaps they will send the youth brigades to shut down all internet cafes in the country or alternatively stand behind everyone in the cafes and tell them who they can or cannot be friends with on Facebook and which websites they can or cannot visit.

Whilst they choose to complain about a “bombardment” it is worth remembering that freelance journalists and those from the independent press were initially barred from attending the conference. How can the information be disseminated if the very people who are supposed to do so are stopped from doing their job.

If it ever came to pass that the beggars in Zanu became choosers these are the sort of headlines we can expect to see on their new websites.

· “Ignatious Chombo is as clean as a whistle”

· “Obert Mpofu did not buy a whole street in Victoria Falls for cash he used a credit card”

· “Patrick Chinamasa did not cry and beg for forgiveness after Tsholotsho he only knelt before his master”

· “Jonathan Moyo did not bomb the Daily News he only suggested that it is in the best interests of the country”

Zanu’s Department of Science and Technology under which the responses would ostensibly be handled is headed by Olivia Muchena. Enough said.

If these are the type of resolutions that Zanu expects the people of Zimbabwe to have confidence in the ability of the party to effectively and efficiently lead the country then it’s a sad joke.

Jobs, food, freedom from want and fear is what Zimbabweans will vote for in the next election.

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