111112E “Funso” and “Dando”: Preliminary assessment indicates 26 killed and over 120,000 affected

At least 26 people died and other 125,000 were affected when tropical storm “Dando” and cyclone “Funso” hit the southern, central and northern regions of Mozambique in the last few days.

The daily paper “Noticias” reports that this is the preliminary assessment of the National Emergency Operational Centre (CENOE), which is the operational wing of the country’s relief agency, the National Disasters Management Institute (INGC) disclosed in Maputo, on Friday.

According to CENOE’s director, Dulce Chilundo, 15 deaths were reported in the central province of Zambezia, all associated with the passage of cyclone “Funso”, while 11 occurred when Tropical storm “Dando” hit the southern region of Mozambique. Some died when their houses collapsed on top of them, while others drowned or died from electrocution.

Both storms were accompanied by torrential rains and high winds, with rivers bursting their banks, causing severe damages on important infrastructures.

“Funso” hit severely Zambezia, where least 16,000 emergency shelter kits are required to assist the local population. Currently, there are only 2,000 kits available and the authorities are already looking for extra supplies in the provinces of Sofala, Manica, Tete and Maputo. In the southern region of Mozambique, it is estimated that both “Funso” and “Dando” affected 10,000 people.

Dulce Chilundo declared that the victims are being assisted under the government’s contingency plan for natural disasters, explaining that after the initial shock some have resumed their normal lives.

Meanwhile, said Chilundo, should the authorities find that some families are facing difficulties for post-disaster recovery they will be incorporated in food for work programmes coordinated by the World Food Program.

As for food production, Chilundo said the “Dando” and “Funso” damaged 94,000 hectares of food crops, but not everything is lost since some areas covered with rice can still be recovered.

High winds also knocked down 6,000 cashew trees and 300 coconut palm trees, which may impact negatively on cashew nuts production in the southern region of Mozambique.

The storm also killed 900 goats, 30 pigs, 25 sheep and two head of cattle.

Despite improvements in the last few days, she pointed out the there is still need to monitor weather conditions taking into account that the region is in the middle of the rainy season.

The authorities also advise local authorities to take preventive measures for post-cyclone hazards.

Rute Nhamucho, from the National Water Board (DNA), says that currently the Incomati river remains above alert level in the districts of Magude Marracuene Manhiça, in the province of Maputo, where there is still localized flooding. The same scenario is described for the lower Limpopo, in the southern province of Gaza.

The improvement is primarily due to reduced rainfall in Mozambique and decreased runoff from upstream.

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