A step in the right direction

EDITOR - 2012, in my opinion, begins with new hope, thanks to media reports that party leaders are planning to hold joint rallies to appeal for peace from their supporters as the country prepares for elections.

However, while many people will doubt Zanu (PF)’s sincerity, given its history, the new revelations are a step in the right direction and should be followed up. The effort should not end with party leaders just addressing rallies together, but they should also jointly address police officers throughout the country, telling them that those found working in cahoots with perpetrators of violence will be severely dealt with.

A system should also put in place where junior police officers can report their corrupt seniors. This may help to solve a situation where Police Commissioner Chihuri misleads the nation through statements that the police are not biased, when it is known that the police force has been at the forefront of persecuting those perceived to be opposed to Zanu (PF).

It will also be important if known perpetrators of violence are brought to book, irrespective of their political position. Having just read a report of allegations of Minister Kasukuwere’s brutality and involvement in violence in Mashonaland Central province, I think victims of past violence can only be satisfied if they see justice done on past cases.

I call upon all progressive institutions and individuals in Zimbabwe to keep an eye on the ball to ensure that the window of opportunity presented by this development is effectively utilised to help rid Zimbabwe of corruption and dictatorship. –


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