Allow UN to monitor food aid

Our front page story this week concerns a request by the United Nations to our government to be allowed to monitor food distribution in rural areas.

In the past, Zanu (PF) has been accused of intentionally starving those perceived to be supporters of other political parties. The party has always denied this. It has in turn accused NGOs of politicizing food aid. The NGOs have vehemently denied doing so. While the accusations have flown thick and fast, the suffering masses continue to go hungry.

We see merit in having a non-partisan, international body monitoring food distribution. This is the only way to put to rest any talk of food politics. We urge the three parties in our government to accept this offer. By doing so they will demonstrate that they are genuine in trying alleviate the suffering of citizens.

This is an area where there must be unity of purpose. Party politics must be set aside when it comes to putting food into the many hungry mouths, particularly in the impoverished rural areas.

We need the international community to have confidence in the impartiality of our food distribution to the hungry. Only if we can prove that food will be distributed to the needy without any political bias, will donors continue to come to our aid.

With elections looming it is particularly important that the people are aware which parties offering themselves for re-election really care about the welfare of all citizens, not only those who are likely to vote for them.

This is a sure sign of political maturity and one which all Zimbabweans should be closely monitoring. Any help the international community can give us in this regard should be warmly welcomed.

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