An Unknown to contest presidential polls

Little known Raymond Chamba on Thursday launched his bid for the presidency as an independent candidate.

Chamba, however, does not see himself as the next president of Zimbabwe. He says he wants to give his ideas to Zimbabweans so that they can make a choice to move away from the current politics which he said border on pettiness..

“The coddling of mediocrity and denigration of excellence has desecrated the hopes of our forefathers and dreamers thereafter. Let’s stop normalizing the abnormal, the grotesque political freak-show that is the GNU as presently constructed. Political pimps, old ringmasters, petty egoists and narrow ethno-centrists need to be put to pasture,” said Chamba.

Chamba who expressed his admiration of incumbent president Robert Mugabe said that he remains Zanu PF inside his heart but decried the factionalism in the old party which he said has led to factionalism.

The talkative presidential hopeful who is 41 said that he is ready for elections to end the current dispensation which he said is dominated by seasoned clowns.

“A Zimbabwe circus republic of the unwilling weak majority spellbound and presided over by seasoned political clowns and ringmasters has run its full course and season. It’s time to pass the baton,” said Chamba to an audience of eight people.

Chamba despite claiming to be a Zanu PF faithful said that the look east policy is retrogressive and said that his campaigning will seek to make people see the imperatives of opening up to the outside world.

“Our present diplomatic tiff with the Western world is effectively retrogressive. On the strength of misdirected diplomatic bravura we have effectively managed to turn the overthrow of the shackles of white settler minority discrimination into a new politically elite led deliverance into the manacles of Chinese irresponsible, minimalist investments and laissez –faire local labor abuse,” said Chamba.

Chamba, who is based in the united states of america said he is going to mount a media campaign that will see him being publicly endorsed by American hip-hop mega stars and evangelists.

Chamba joins the list politicians who add satire to the country political mix such as Job Sikhala of the MDC 99 and Daniel, another independent candidate.

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