Charlotte Brooke left to rot

EDITOR - We write as concerned residents at the state of infrastructure in Charlotte Brooke (Rumani Estates).

In 2010 the area was incorporated into Harare as the city’s boundaries were extended. Although we still pay our rates to Goromonzi Council, the state of services in the area is depressing. Since 2005 when residents were allowed to start constructing houses, the area has had no tarred roads or water. The main road from Crowhill in Borrowdale is a dusty gravel road which is unusable during the rainy season.

The developer, Rumani Estates (owned by Cephas Mandlenkosi Msipa), is doing nothing to service the area, despite acquiring more land in Crowhill and continuing to sell stands at $20 per sqm. Our leaders at Harare City Council and Goromonzi Council must tell us how this developer got a permit to acquire more land for stands when he has not finished servicing our development seven years down the line.

It’s incredible that he got a certificate of completion for Charlotte Brooke when there is no running water or reliable access routes. Minister Igantious Chombo must ask the two councils what exactly they are doing about such developers. Seven years without a proper road is a joke. Each year all he does is dump more gravel on the bumpy roads and promise to build water reservoirs.

Is Msipa junior being left to do whatever he wants because he is politically connected as the son of a former minister? Can the responsible city authorities give us answers please? – CONCERNED RESIDENTS, Charlotte Brooke

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