Cyclone funso weakening

Cyclone “Funso”, which has left a trail of destruction, is reported by the daily paper “Diario de Mocambique” to be 420 kilometres off the coast of Inhambane and weakening.

In Zambezia province, the cyclone was responsible for the death of 16 people and making 12,000 people homeless. In that province alone, an estimated 30,000 farms were devastated by the storms, with 33 schools and 20 churches destroyed.

According to Sergio Buque of the National Meteorology Institute (INAM), “by 28 January, Funso could dissipate completely. Until then, there will be moderate to heavy rainfall in the southern region and strong winds exceeding 70 kilometres per hour will continue to affect the districts of Zavala, Inharrime, Panda, Jangamo, Homoine, Inhambane city, Morrumbene, Massinga, Vilankulo and Inhassoro, in Inhambane province, and Bilene, Xai- Xai and Mandlakazi in Gaza province”.

Buque warned that the cyclone will still pose dangers to ocean going boats with waves of between five and nine metres.

INAM also warns of moderate to heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and moderate winds in Tete and Zambezia provinces.

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