Facing 2012 with renewed hope and energy

Our country has the potential to be the breadbasket of Southern Africa that it once was. In addition, we have an abundance of valuable minerals – the clever and transparent exploitation of which could help provide employment and drive the recovery of our moribund economy.

Above all, we have a wealth of human resources – millions of people who are educated, hard-working, resilient and courageous.

What is lacking is the political will to harness these resources and get our nation working again. We look forward to helping build a country where there is openness and tolerance of divergent views; a country where no-one tries to impose his/her will on another.

Somehow, we must find ways of building bridges across the political divide. And in that regard we welcome the idea of joint rallies between the major political parties – provided it is a genuine attempt to reduce the political temperature and foster unity and mutual tolerance and respect between those parties.

In all mature societies, diversity is an important facet of unity. We hope that 2012 will be the year when Zimbabweans of all political persuasions come to political maturity and embrace our diversity in pursuit of meaningful unity.

Continued disharmony and violence will only continue to impede development and condemn more Zimbabweans to a life of ignorance, poverty and disease.

We urge all those in authority to tackle the major stains on our society: corruption and the abuse of human rights, particularly those who suffer the most – women and girls in the rural areas. Every Zimbabwean has a part to play in refusing to pay bribes and refusing to take part in any activities that trample on the rights of others.

Zimbabweans are a remarkable people. A number of articles in this first new look edition highlight the incredible entrepreneurial spirit of our countrymen and women – both at home and wherever they have been scattered in the global village. We hope they will inspire many others to emulate these examples and share their own success stories.

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