Fire Brigade testimony fuels suspicions over Mujuru fire

The idea that an accelerant might have been used in the fire that killed the retired Army General Solomon Mujuru gained more ground on Wednesday, as more members of the fire brigade testified.


Their suspicions about the fire follow Tuesday’s revelations that the late General’s remains were discovered in a blue flame which allegedly took some time to extinguish. Blue flames are mostly associated with highly flammable substances.

Mujuru died last year in August in a fire that destroyed his farmhouse in Beatrice, just outside Harare. The Mujuru family and ZANU PF youth called for investigations after suspicions were raised. It is widely speculated that a power struggle within the party led to the General’s sudden death.

SW Radio Africa correspondent Simon Muchemwa said the fire fighters testified that the flames that engulfed Mujuru’s bedroom were too intense to have been “just a normal fire”. One witness said no ordinary fire could have caused the roof of the house to drop as it did.

The inquest started last week Monday and was expected to last only a week. But it has taken much longer to get though testimony from the workers at the farm, especially the maid and security staff, who provided much of the crucial information so far.

A disturbing portrait of the late general and his relationship with his wife has emerged. And it appears relations with his security staff were also strained. – SW Radio Africa News

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