Fishermen killed

About 15 fishermen were killed on Tuesday by rebels in the Muslim region of Philippines. At least another three were wounded when gunmen opened fire. A military spokesman suggested it may have been a fight over fishing spots.

Whales die

About 40 long-finned pilot whales, from a pod of 100, which beached themselves on New Zealand’s south island on Monday, have been refloated. A further 17 left on the high tide while more than 30 died on the beach.

New Egypt

The first Islamist-dominated parliament in Egypt’s history has convened for its first sitting. It marks the hand-over of legislative powers from the military – seized after the demise of Hosni Mubarak’s presidency – to elected officials.

Trial ordered

Four senior Kenyan officials have been ordered to stand trial over human rights violations dating back to 2007. The men, including former deputy prime minister Uhuru Kenyatta, are charged with crimes against humanity.

Giffords quitst

The American congresswoman shot in the head at a public meeting has announced she will not contest the November elections. Gabrielle Giffords, 41, spent months in hospital recovering after the incident last year which killed six.

EU’s Iran sanctions

The European Union will increase pressure on Iran, cutting oil exports and freezing assets to starve it for money for nuclear production. Iran’s deputy foreign minister said the sanctions were ineffective and would hurt the EU.

Genocide law

Relations between Turkey and France have soured further after the French senate passed a bill criminalising the public denial of the Ottoman Empire’s genocide of Armenians. The Turkish government labelled it “irresponsible”.

Dissident released

Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas, who embarked on a hunger strike for the release of political prisoners, has been freed from prison himself a week after he was arrested. It came the day after a political prisoner died of starvation.

Sailing record

A Dutch 16-year-old has become the youngest sailor to travel around the world. Laura Dekker completed the 27,000 nautical mile voyage from the Panama Canal and back in 518 days. She was 14 when she began in August, 2010.

Croatia joins EU

Despite months of volatility, Croatians have voted to join the European Union. About 66 per cent of voters who cast their ballot approved of the move. It will become the bloc’s 28th member when it officially joins in July, 2013.

Nigerian killings

The official death toll from bombing and gun attacks on Christians in Nigeria’s second city of Kano at the weekend has topped 157. The number of casualties is expected to rise. Islamist group Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the attacks which destroyed police and government buildings.

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