Global Fund mission begins

A Global Fund team arrived this week to negotiate and make preparations for phase two of the HIV/AIDS and TB grant to Zimbabwe.

The delegation, headed by the Fund Portfolio Manager for Zimbabwe, arrived on Monday and leaves again on Saturday.

“The GF team will also sign the Zimbabwe malaria grant and consolidate the round eight and 10 malaria grants,” Joyce Siveregi, Zimbabwe Aids Network Deputy Director for Programmes said.

ZAN is coordinating civil society consultations for consensus building on key advocacy issues to coincide with the GF mission.January 28 is the Global Day of Action in support of the GF where donors will be called upon to raise the $2 billion for health programmes.

According to ZAN, whilst donors are the targets for the January 28 mission, the government of Zimbabwe is also targeted, especially given that it is a signatory to the Abuja Declaration where governments agreed to allocate 15% of the Budget to Health. ZAN said the recently announced budget for 2012 falls far too short of this target.

“There is need for the government to initiate interventions that necessitate the channeling of local resources as well as put measures in place to curb government spending,” said ZAN National Director, Lindiwe Chaza-Jangira.

Chaza-Jangira said that under the GF round eight phase two, Zimbabwe expects to get $197 248 631 for HIV until 2014.

“We have a huge resource constraint problem on our hands and we need to be proactive,” he said. The GF has cancelled the round 11 proposals due to lack of funds and replaced it with a Transitional Funding Mechanism. The TFM is designed to benefit programmes expiring before 2014 and cover the costs of essential prevention, treatment and care services in countries with grants that are expiring.

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