More of the same please

EDITOR - I must commend you and your staff for the new design and on the content of The Zimbabwean 12 January 2012 newspaper. It is attractively presented - plenty of space - a good layout, well organized.

I especially like the brief News Roundup on page 02. Very telling is the news of the zeal with which the ruling party continues its attempts to pull down the opposition by arresting and harassing the MDC leadership (Tsvangirai and Biti). No such harassment or arrest has been made or reported after the countless examples of lawlessness among the Zanu (PF) elite.

The informative feature on Land Reform was just the kind of informed reporting needed by your readers. More of the same please.

I was pleased that you carried Trevor Grundy’s story and a good photograph of my old friend, the illustrious, late Peter Garlake. It would have been helpful if the date and place of his death (December 2 2011 in UK) had been included. – Diana Mitchell, UK

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