My mum is a sex worker

Dear Gracey

I am a 14-year-old girl living with my single mother. I love my mother so much but the problem is how she behaves in my presence. She is a commercial sex worker – I am not even proud to say it – and the environment I am growing up in is not good. She brings “boyfriends” home and the noises that come out from her bedroom at night are so disturbing. I understand that is how she is getting money to pay for our rentals, my upkeep and education but I don’t want it at that expense. I love her and I know I can’t make her stop what she does but should I run away from home? I don’t want to end up joining in that business because of what I am exposed to. What can I do? – Miss Teen

Dear Miss Teen

I’m worried about your living conditions with your mother. It can be mentally disturbing and is bound to influence your future. You need to talk to her but I understand it is not easy for you. Find a relative who is close to her and someone you can talk to easily, say your grandmother – her mother.

You may not make your mother stop what she is into, but at least she needs to find a place where she will do it, somewhere away from you. You should not grow up in this kind of environment.

Continue being the good kid that you are, do not follow into your mother’s footsteps. Understand that circumstances beyond her control may have forced her into who she is today. But the good thing about her is that she is doing all these sacrifices for you.

You are the only person to save her from what she is doing. Focus on your education, fight to be someone in life and earn a good living – that will also rescue her. Make her proud and give her the reason to stop sleeping around for money when you earn some cash enough to take care of both of you. I know you are focused enough to do it; don’t ever think anything can stop you. – Gracey

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