Residents want pre-paid billing

Residents here have called for the speedy implementation of the pre-paid electricity billing system that the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority launched in Bulawayo, saying that it was a fair way of gauging electricity usage.

Harare has been hit by serious power shortages, especially in high density suburbs, prompting residents to go for days without electricity.

However, they still receive high electricity bills at the end of the month.

ZESA began a pilot project in Bulawayo where households in suburbs such as Luveve, and Cowdry park have a pre-paid billing system.

Residents interviewed here said that a similar system would be preferable in their area to avoid the exorbitant bills they are currently faced with.

“The current billing system is very unfair since the ZESA meter readers just estimate and inflate their own figures, resulting in higher electricity bills. I have been receiving bills of $300 a month and this is very unfair since I don’t have many electrical gadgets at my house. ZESA has to bring that project to Harare since people are being charged for what they did not consume,” said Reginald Hondo, a local man.

Amai Jessica Dube echoed the sentiments:

“We have been robbed for a long time by ZESA and they have to install these facilities at all households. Electricity has become expensive for the poor and the pre-paid system is very welcome,” she said.

ZESA spokesperson, Fullard Gwasirsa, said ZESA was gearing up for a wider exercise countrywide, but was waiting for the awarding of a tender to a company that would supply the meters.

“We are beginning with the strategic places in the country and this will be followed by the countrywide launch soon after the process has gone to tender,” he said.

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