Rohr official arrested

Restoration Of Human Rights Zimbabwe (ROHR) Vice Chairman and Spokesperson Sten Zvorwadza has been arrested this morning on allegations of ‘posing a threat of future violence’. He is being held at Matapi police station where he had rushed seeking refuge from 50 rowdy ZANU PF youths.

"Sten Zvorwadza had sought intervention from police over a dispute that erupted when over 50 ZANU PF youth militia besieged his business premise in Mbare harassing workers and ordered the close of the premise . The youth militia allege that Zvorwadza is a supporter of the Movement for Democratic Change and should not operate in Mbare," according to a statement issued by the organization.

Representatives of ROHR Zimbabwe spoke to Zvorwadza’s employees who were at the premises at the time of the attack and subsequent arrest of Mr Zvorwadza. The employees complained that ZANU PF youths were being violent, and threatened to assault them if they continued working. They were seeking the closure of business alleging that Mbare constituency is a ZANU PF stronghold, hence any business entities owned by suspected MDC supporters are illegal and should be shut down.

Zvorwadza went to seek the protection of Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) as a complanaint who turned around and arrested him accusing him of agitating the youths and in their own words ‘posing a threat to future violence. ROHR Zimbabwe is in the process of engaging lawyers to seek his release.

"ROHR Zimbabwe condemns the arrest and the lack of objectivity exhibited by police in combating political violence. We also rebuke the on-going violation of independence of private business from political partys’ influence, the infringement of private property and personal rights of individuals regardless of their alleged political affiliation and choice," said the organisation's spokesperson.

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