ROHR to elect new UK exec

A CIO-inspired attempt to subvert the organisation has prompted the Founder and President of ROHR, Ephraim Tapa, to dissolve the Interim Executive. A meeting here next month will elect a new UK executive.

A scene from the Vigil meeting last week.
A scene from the Vigil meeting last week.

Tapa said malicious accusations of corruption leveled at him had been comprehensively rebutted by the production of all relevant financial records.

The London meeting will be held at the Strand Continental Hotel, 143 Strand, London WC2R 1JA at 1 pm on 4th February. It will be followed at 6.30 pm by a forum of supporters of the Vigil, ROHR and the recently-formed Zimbabwe We Can movement to exchange views. (Members of the CIO will, as usual, be in attendance!) It is planned that the three organisations will hold a regular joint forum on the first Saturday of each month after the Vigil.

As we held our first Vigil of 2012, leaders of the ANC were gathering for celebrations in Bloemfontein marking the organisation’s 100th anniversary. Sadly, we feel unable to congratulate them as the ANC has betrayed those seeking freedom in Zimbabwe and allied itself to repressive regimes around the world.

Talking about repressive regimes. ZBN News have uploaded a video on youtube (see: Weeping North Koreans inspire Vigil Demonstrators to Show Grief for forthcoming Death of Mugabe – of Vigil supporters ‘practising weeping hysterically for the forthcoming death of Mugabe’ as reported in our Christmas Eve diary

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