SA heath care for refugees

The Gauteng Department of Health and Social Department is urging the refugee community, mainly undocumented Zimbabweans, to report nurses who discriminate against them. Dr Chika Asomugha, Acting Director of Public Health, said the authorities would take measures against such health professionals found guilty of discrimination.

He said he was aware of rumours that some undocumented Zimbabweans had been victimised but was unable to act on these as no formal reports had been made.

!This is discrimination at its worst and is intolerable. Hillbrow General Clinic is said to be the most arrogant,” he said at a workshop here.

“I urge the affected members of the community to report these cases through the Quality Assurance Department at these health centres. They can directly contact the Department if they feel they have not been assisted. Nothing can be done if such incidents are not reported.”

South Africa’s Health Act ensures access to healthcare to everyone who lives in the country.

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