Vigil demands action from Zuma

The Vigil is to be joined by the MDC UK in a protest outside the South African High Commission in London next Saturday aimed at putting pressure on President Zuma to insist that Mugabe honours the Global Political Agreement.

The unacceptable face of capitalism – last week’s Vigil in London.
The unacceptable face of capitalism – last week’s Vigil in London.

There are reports that South Africa is arranging a meeting with Mugabe and the two MDC principals to discuss outstanding issues in the way of elections. These include the depoliticisation of the security forces, reform of the electoral process and the opening up of the airwaves. Progress on all these issues has been resisted by Zanu (PF).

Saturday’s protest is part of global diaspora action promoted by the MDC in the USA. Zimbabweans in South Africa, Australia, Canada, Sweden and the Netherlands are also expected to demonstrate outside South African diplomatic missions.

We leave it to the South Africans to decide what action should be taken against the recalcitrant Mugabe regime. They could, for instance, report the failure of their mediation mission to the AU, propose the suspension of Zimbabwe from SADC or take unilateral punitive action themselves. The Vigil believes this is long overdue.

There will also be a petition, which gives greater details of the Zimbabwean diaspora demands.

FOR THE RECORD: 67 signed the register.

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