21st Feb Movement glitches under spotlight

The 21st February Movement was not spared from a bumpy ride as the event organisers tried in vain to make the best out of a haphazardly coordinated event. The Zimbabwean took an account of some of the eyebrow raising moments that rocked President Robert Mugabe’s 88th birthday celebrations.

President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe

Birthday without wife, daughter

The most eye-catching moment of all was to see President Robert Mugabe celebrating his 88th birthday without his whole family and most of his top party officials. The absence of his wife, the First Lady Grace and daughter Bona whom he said were in Singapore was just unacceptable on such an important day in his life. To make matter worse, Vice President John Khomo and party national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo failed to pitch up. Mugabe said the former was could not make it due to illnesses and the latter was attending on a party mission abroad without specifying where.

Sikhosana Ndlovu looses speech

Zanu PF youth leader Sikhosana Ndlovu struggled from one issue to the other during his address. He attacked the media for peddling lies about Mugabe’s health condition yet he managed to walk around Sakubva Stadium without difficulties. He reiterated some of Mugabe’s previous public addresses before he asked to be pardoned since he had lost his prepared speech.

Youths highjack public transport

Local commuters were embroiled in a serious transport predicament as Zanu PF youths ordered kombi operators to ferry the crowd which thronged Sakubva Stadium for free back to their respective homes. The overzealous youths chased the defiant commuter operators barring them from passing through their respective routes if they refused to take their orders. Some commuter mini buses crushed as they tried to evade the youths though no serious injuries were reported.

President fails to crown Miss 21st

President Mugabe failed to crown the inaugural Miss 21st February Movement as planned. The models were visibly frustrated when they realised that the moment would never come as promised by the pageant organisers. During the beauty contest held at Mutare Hall formerly Queens Hall the day prior to the commemorations, journalists were barred from attending the pageant. Varaidzo Mapunga who was in charge of the security at the entrance told journalists from the private media to take a hike. She said they were only entertaining news crew from ZBC and Mighty Movies.

Born Free Crew CD jams on stage

Zanu PF’s youthful sympathising group, Born Free Crew encountered in a harsh exchange of words with the team manning the Public Address System when their CD jammed during their performance at the Miss 21st Movement beauty contest. The group accused the DJ for sabotaging their act and the former could have none of it. He sarcastically advised the amateur artists to make use of a live band than CD back tracks.

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