BAF launches Arts-Vote campaign

The Bulawayo Arts Forum has introduced a non-partisan; nationwide initiative entitled the Arts-Vote Campaign.

It seeks to identify, educate and train Arts-Vote Campaign leaders and activists, and mobilize potential voters to register.

“The programme seeks to influence aspiring election candidates to take strong positions for the arts and culture industry. Meaningful participation of artists in the electoral process is important,” said the Coordinator of Nhimbe Trust, Josh Nyapimbi.

Artists’ knowledge about civic and cultural rights needed to be raised to facilitate effective implementation of the Creative Civil Society’s Plan of Action for Arts and Culture, he said.

“It is our intention to facilitate the engagement of artists in the process of renewing political leadership for a healthy arts funding and effective implementation of the plan. Zimbabwe has ratified national policies and legislation governing the arts and culture, UNESCO Conventions and other international standard setting instruments in the field of culture,” added Nyapimbi.

The various political parties are being encouraged to sustain arts and culture’s contribution to communities, the promotion of local artists on the international stage, to make the industry an integral part foreign policy and the work of Zimbabwean Embassies abroad and promote well-rounded arts curricula in schools.

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