Chihuri should resign

EDITOR - The details of General Mujuru’s inquest at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts clearly demonstrate that Augustine Chihuri, the police chief, has failed and should quit in shame.

Police officers cross-examined during the inquest have demonstrated how Chihuri does not consider fully equipping his junior officers with basic skills. The officers revealed that their radio was down and they could not communicate with the Beatrice Police Station to inform them that there was a serious inferno at the farm.

Furthermore, when Beatrice police was finally contacted, the police officers could not urgently get to the scene as they had no vehicle. Chihuri is to blame for this inadequacy.

Day after day the police mount roadblocks in every city and major highway to collect fines from motorists, commuter omnibuses and buses. However, this money is not being channeled the normal way in order to benefit the police or civil servants. It is going straight into the pockets of Chihuri and a few of his lieutenants. It is also surprising that Chihuri always finds the energy and resources to arrest members of the MDC and civil society on false charges that are later dismissed in court.

Because of what is coming out from the inquest, the blame for General Mujuru’s death should be placed squarely on Chihuri’s shoulders. If we had a true democracy, Chihuri would be long gone. – AGRIPPA ZVOMUYA, by e-mail

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