Chombo to blame

EDITOR - The sad developments taking place in the Chitungwiza Town Council should be laid at the door of Ignatius Chombo who has been turning a blind eye to the high levels of corruption in that town.


In 2009, the MDC, which was in control of the municipality, fired all the councilors from the party on charges of corruption. This move was widely appreciated by all progressive people in the country, particularly in Chitungwiza where the residents had witnessed the high level of corruption.

However, Chombo disregarded the MDC suspension and said the councilors should stay and continue with their looting. Senior council employees joined in the looting spree and soon Chitungwiza Council became a den of thieves.

Service delivery has been affected and junior workers have gone for months without salaries, while the management receive hefty bonuses. This was being done with Chombo’s blessing, and any attempts by the residents and junior workers to expose this were ignored by Chombo.

Now the corruption has reached alarming levels and Chombo decides to take action, but it is the residents and ratepayers who have suffered since 2009.

However, Chombo is further compounding problems in Chitungwiza by putting in place a committee to run the affairs of the town that is only made up of Zanu (PF) people.

These people are not professionals and will therefore not add any value to the town. In fact, they are more likely to add to the problem of the already burdened residents and businesses.

It is time that Chombo stopped interfering with the affairs of the MDC councils as this is causing serious problems and affecting service delivery. – AGRIPPA ZVOMUYA, Harare

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