Civil servants ordered to respect PM

The marathon meetings held by Zimbabwe’s Principals to the Global Political Agreement (GPA) held since Sunday yesterday produced an order to all civil Servants to respect the executive in particular the country’s Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.


“The Provincial Administrators, Governors and all civil servants are hereby ordered to not only respect but offer the necessary support to the executive.

“We have had cases in which in particular provincial authorities have not supported or respected the country’s Premier and that is unacceptable to us,” Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara told reporters.

Addressing journalists at the Prime Minister’s residence Mutambara said government workers should learn to differentiate between Tsvangirai the party president and the Prime Minister.

“There have been instances where the Prime Minister has gone around the country on government business and some provincial administrators, governors, and such other government staff has scorned the Premier.

“It is unacceptable behavior and as principals we are saying if one of us is on government business all ministers and everyone else who works for the government should give them the necessary support,” Mutambara said.

Meanwhile Mutambara said the Principals had also agreed to show some degree of respect to Ministers and high ranking government personnel if they are to be arrested.

“We are not usurping the powers of the police or rule of law, if they are to be arrested it should be with some dignity.

“Not the humiliation we have seen recently with ministers being dragged to court handcuffed as though they are hard core criminals, you humiliate a minister … you humiliate the country.

“These people are the face of the executive and the country so they need some respect and dignity,” the Deputy Premier said.

Reports suggested some provincial authorities in Mashonaland East refused to attend meetings with the Prime Minister when he went on a nationwide tour preferring instead to attend ZANU-PF meetings which infuriated Tsvangirai hence his confronting of Mugabe.

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