Councillors and mayors under siege from Chombo


In October 2011, a motion was moved in parliament which called for the revision of the Urban Councils Act [29:15]. The motion was inspired by the continued abuse of office via the urban council act by the Minister of Local Government rural and urban development.

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Ignatious Chombo
Ignatious Chombo

Since 2003, despite the fact that people expressed their will during polls, the minister has on a number of countless times, dismissed or suspended elected councillors, a move which has earned him a pseudo title; the Executive Mayor of Zimbabwe. The Urban Councils Act has failed to put in place checks and balances on the power exercised by the centre hence, decentralisation has failed to earn its objectives with the bottom operating at the mercy of the centre.

In light of the above, CHRA will be conducting nationwide consultations on the review of the Urban Councils Act. The Association will submit to parliament a National Stakeholders Position paper that can act as a tool which would be the basis of the people’s views. The act was crafted in a way which is not cognisant of the existence of residents associations. Residents do not have the power of recall on non performing elected public bearers, a role which has been entrusted on the minister who has in turn seriously abused this role. It is ironic that most (if not all) of the dismissed councillors are from the MDC. The Association seeks to reverse this scenario where politicians and “Big men” like Chombo abuse the law at the detriment of ordinary people and quality social service delivery.

Attached is an update on the total number of councillors suspended countrywide and the allegations levelled against them since the 2008 elections.

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