DFID gives health sector a shot in the arm

United Kingdom’s Department of International Development (DFID) yesterday handed over a massive US$120 million to the Ministry of Health and child Welfare for health services improvement.

DFID Permanent Secretary said Britain will commit this amount over the next four years.

“This package sums up what British assistance is all about: helping vulnerable people and ensuring that many more Zimbabweans have access to basic services such as healthcare, education, clean water and sanitation.

“In short this is great news for ordinary Zimbabweans who need access to healthcare,” Lowckock said.

He said the US$120 million continues the UK’s long history of support to the health sector in Zimbabwe.

“The donation will support the Health Transition fund to the tune of US$80 million, 30 million for purchase of life saving anti-retroviral drugs, 3 million for the resuscitation of community health committees and 3 million for monitoring these programs.

In accepting the donation Health and Child Welfare Minister Henry Madzorera yesterday described Britain President Robert Mugabe’s sworn enemy archenemy Britain as Zimbabwe’s all weather friend.

“We gather today with one of our most reliable all weather partners in the delivery of healthcare to the people of Zimbabwe.

“Lets celebrate this relationship as we look forward to a future Zimbabwe where health care in its totality is available and accessible to all our people through our mutual efforts,” Madzorera said.

The Health Minister said DFID has supported health promotion, disease prevention, curative services and rehabilitation services in Zimbabwe for a long time.

“This includes our period of “Great Depression” during which the DFID joined other partners to fund a health worker retention package.

“It worked wonders and we were able to restore sanity to the health sector long before our economy started showing signs of recovery,” Madzorera said in apparent reference to Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown precipitated by the chaotic land reform exercise and disputed elections.

Minister Madzorera gave a rundown of the work DFID has done in Zimbabwe over the years to help I service delivery.

“The Vital Medicines Support Program, Infrastructural rehabilitation for hospitals for three provincial hospitals and one district hospital last year, anti-retroviral drugs to 50 000 people, provision of 44.5 million male and 2 million female condoms among numerous other programs DFID’s great exploits in Zimbabwe.

“The 74miliion support will certainly see us on our way to eliminating user fees for pregnant women and under fives and to ensuring universal access to skilled attendance at delivery, I want to thank heartily DFID for this,” said Madzorera.

President Robert Mugabe who has taken every opportunity to vilify the UK and its political leadership accusing them of seeking to recolonise Zimbabwe, anyone in Zimbabwe who sides with the European country as a sellout, while describing China as the country’s all weather friend instead.

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