Dirty media campaign

EDITOR - The leaking of the letter written by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to President Robert Mugabe is a sign of how desperate those few who are still loyal to Zanu (PF) are.

After the letter was leaked to The Sunday Mail by George Charamba, the same person was at pains to distance himself from leaking the correspondence. How shameful of him.

This type of dirty propaganda against your opponents will never work because no-one in the Prime Minister’s Office will be as naïve as you to go to The Sunday Mail and give the publication the letter, which the newspaper painfully tried to portray as a draft letter still to be send to the President.

It is a fact that this letter was already in the President’s Office when it was published in The Sunday Mail.

Everyone in the PM’s Office and most of the country’s sensible civil servants know that if you want to have anything written which is factual and not fictional, the last port of call will be The Herald, The Sunday Mail and ZBC.

Charamba and people like Jonathan Moyo should know that their crude comments on the PM and ministers like Tendai Biti, Nelson Chamisa, Theresa Makone, David Coltart and Lucia Matibenga will never work.

The people of Zimbabwe know that these ministers and the PM have worked hard to improve the people’s lives in a short space of time when the same Zanu (PF) ministers are busy looting the country’s resources.

This will definitely be proved correct at the next elections as Zanu (PF) will be heavily defeated for its corruption, looting and other misdeeds.

Charamba and Jonathan Moyo should stop abusing the public media because we are aware of what is taking place and you will never win this. Our time will come very soon for us to exercise our democratic rights and will show your masters the door. – Trymore Mazhambe, Mutare

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