Former MP Dulini Ncube totally blind after torture in custody

Former MP Fletcher Dulini Ncube, who was falsely accused of murdering ZANU PF activist Cain Nkala in 2002, is reported to have recently gone completely blind as the long-term effects of the torture and medical deprivation he suffered in police custody took their toll.

SW Radio Africa’s Bulawayo correspondent, Lionel Saungweme, said two other MDC activists accused of the Nkala murder back in 2002, Remember Moyo and Khethani Sibanda, have since died as a result of injuries suffered while in custody.

At the time of his acquittal, Dulini Ncube said he had lost one eye during his incarceration because police deprived him of vital medication he needed for his diabetes.

“Dulini was known to be diabetic for a long time. The condition has now disrupted the little vision he had left in one eye. The victims of the Mugabe regime don’t always die immediately. Some suffer for long periods of time,” Saungweme explained.

All three MDC members were eventually acquitted of the charges, but never quite recovered from the effects of the torture they suffered while in police detention. SW Radio Africa

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