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Bailout granted

Greece has secured a crucial bailout to save it from default – this time. After a marathon meeting in Brussels on Monday night, the EU indicated it accepted the Greek government’s budget cuts and would grant the $161 billion bailout.

Cricketer jailed

Former English cricketer Mervyn Westfield (23) has been given a four-month jail sentence for match-fixing. He admitted receiving about $12,000 to ensure 12 runs were scored in an over in a 2009 match. He will serve two months in jail.

Prisoner ‘near death’

A Palestinian prisoner who is protesting his detention by Israel without charge or trial is said to be close to death. He protested with hunger strike shortly after his detention two months ago. More than 300 of his countrymen are also detained.

First vote

For the first time in 40 years the residents of the Libyan city of Misrata have headed to the ballot box. The 101,486 registered voters will elect 28 council members. It is 12 months since the city revolted against Muammar Gaddafi.

Defence force

Iran will hold new military exercises involving warplanes, missiles and anti-aircraft artillery to protect its nuclear sites from attack the same day inspectors from the UN nuclear watchdog arrived. The country maintains it is for peaceful purposes.

Icy disaster

Large blocks of ice, unlocked by warming weather have caused damage as they surged down the River Danube. Boats, pontoons and even a floating restaurant in Belgrade were destroyed. A cold snap in Serbia in recent weeks has killed about 20.

More Nigeria violence

At least 30 people have been killed after explosions and gunfire tore through a marketplace in the Nigerian city of Maiduguri. Suspected Islamist rebels are believed responsible. More than 200 have already been killed by attacks this year.

Carnival shoot-out

Rio’s Carnival celebrations have been overshadowed by a shoot-out between police and a drug gang. At least one is confirmed dead and four others wounded. The arrest of a drug lord prompted the carnage in the favela, or slum, nearby.

Spanish unrest

Hundreds of thousands of Spaniards have taken to the streets to protest against labour market reforms. The new legislation was devised by the new conservative government to slash its soaring protests. The two largest unions led the rallies.

Grim shocks

Aftershocks in the devastated New Zealand city of Christchurch are unearthing grisly finds. Human remains have been shaken from their plots in one of the city’s oldest cemeteries. About 10,000 aftershocks have been felt since September 2010.

Emperor’s heart scare

Japan’s highly-revered Emperor Akihito has successfully undergone heart bypass surgery. Thousands of people flocked to the Imperial Palace, to sign of books wishing the 78-year-old monarch well.

Inside threat

A Moroccan man has been arrested while planning to carry out a suicide attack inside the US Capitol Building. He was observed by police during an undercover operation. Amine El Khalifi, 29, who was living in the US, faces life in jail.

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