Global News Roundup

Force push

The Arab League is pushing for the formation of a joint peace-keeping force with the United Nations to support opposition forces in Syria after a ceasefire. The Syrian government rejected the plan and said it was a sign of “hysteria”.

Hero honoured

Zambia’s Africa Cup of Nations soccer title has been dedicated to a soccer hero who nearly died in a plane crash that killed his teammates in 1993. In making the dedication coach Herve Renard said Kalusha Bwalya was the best player of the 1900s.

Talks resume

Talks between American and North Korean officials are set to resume for the first time since the death of former leader Kim Jong-il. A US envoy will meet Korean officials in Beijing next week to gauge its willingness to abandon nuclear research.

Angry in Athens

Protesters have taken to the streets of Athens to vent their anger at budget cuts – approved by parliament – aimed at securing a $172 billion bail-out. Tens of thousands of people demonstrated leaving at least 106 police officers injured.

Houston home

The body of pop star Whitney Houston has arrived in her home town of New Jersey. The singer, who battled drug addiction for more than a decade, was found dead in a Los Angeles hotel room on Sunday. The cause of death is unknown. She was 48.

Bombshell announcement

Iran is set to announce “several major achievements in the nuclear domain”. President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad foreshowed the announcement in a report on Iranian state television to mark the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic revolution.

Wife concerned

The wife of Chinese dissident Gao Zhisheng says she is unsure whether he is still alive. He has been missing since 2010. Geng He, who is in exile in America, said government officials have repeatedly lied about her husband’s whereabouts.

Names released

Authorities in Papua New Guinea have released some of the names of 243 people believed to have died when a ferry sunk earlier this month.

Rebel captured

The leader of a controversial Peruvian rebel group has been captured by the military. Comrade Artemio’s group is accused of killing thousands over 30 years.

Yen release

Concerned about deflation, Japan’s central bank will inject $130 billion into the ailing economy. It also set a consumer inflation target of one percent. To achieve its aim it will use the additional fund to buy public and private debt and lend funds.

Preacher freed

One of Britain’s most controversial Muslim preachers has been released from jail. Abu Qatada, who admitted aiding in terrorist attacks, had been held for six years while authorities tried to deport him to Jordan, where he faces terror charges.

Bomb threat

An anonymous phone call, threatening an explosion, has shut down parts of an International airport in The Netherlands. A suspect was arrested inside the terminal of Schiphol.

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